Lead is one of the older and most durable building materials and provide roofers with great flexibility for installing roof flashings, dormer and other roofing features.

CJB Roofing carry out a wide variety of works using sheet lead ranging from simple roof flashings at valleys, abutments and roof penetrations to more complex work on dormers and roofing features. The work is carried out by both our roof tilers who are trained in the correct installation techniques and relevant standards as well as our specialist lead installers. Our ability to carry out the associated leadwork involved in the overall roof construction allows the client to eliminate the difficulty of programming different trades and provides both an efficient economy of scale and the peace of mind gained through using a single contractor.

Lead is the most recycled and recovered building material in use today. It will last longer and age more beautifully than any of its synthetically produced substitutes. Its resistance to corrosion by the atmosphere means that Lead Sheet will outlast any alternative building materials making it best value, both in monetary and environmental terms.

So while Lead may at first appear marginally more expensive, in terms of longevity and ecology, it still offers best value, and of course, also has an excellent aesthetic value.