Dry Verge & Ridge Systems

Roof Ridge Tile Repairs? We carry out repairs to cemented Ridge tiles, Hip Tiles and repairs to dry ridge and hip systems. With the growing climate change and the recent stormy weather roof ridge tile repairs and hip tile repairs are more and more in need of attention. Most ridge and hip tiles just need general maintenance as in cement pointing unless they have been subject to Storm damage.

Ridge Tiles are bedded in and pointed with sand cement mortar, in time this mortar will begin to deteriorate and small cracks will begin to appear, this leads to water ingress and roof leaks. Our skilled roofers can deal with the re-bedding and re-pointing or Roof Ridge Tile repairs and Hip Tiles. Dry ridge systems are generally maintenance free unless they have been subject to storm damage.

If you feel the time is right to replace your existing cemented ridge and hip tiles with a dry Ridge system, we can give you free impartial advice on what system would suit you best. Hopefully by changing to a dry ridge tile system would be the end of any roof ridge tile repairs unless of course it was subject to storm damage.

Recent photos

Stone roof ridge tile replacement in Accrington
Stone roof repair and ridge tile replacement in Burnley Lancashire
Repairing a slate roof in Colne, Lancashire
Resetting ridge tiles on a terrace in Colne
Resetting ridge tiles on an end-of-terrace in Colne