Fibreglass Roofing

Welcome to CJB Fibreglass Roofing – The Answer To All Flat Roofing Problems

We are the leading fibreglass roofing company within the Northwest.
All of our fibreglass roofs have a 25 year no quibble guarantee.

Our fibreglass roofing system replaces all felt based structures once and for all, and with a life expectancy of over 50 years this makes Fibreglass Roofing cost effective and maintenance free!
CJB  Fibre Glass Roofing is A small, family run company based in BURNLEY  Lancashire. The company has  over  30 years experience in the trade.

All work is carried out by our team of fully trained roofers,CJB Fibre Glass Roofing have built up a strong reputation in the northwest area simply by doing a good job at a reasonable cost and on time.

We have been roofing for well over 30 years, mainly within the northwest areas and have a wealth of experience and local knowledge. CJB Fibre Glass Roofing carry out work for homeowners, small businesses and large companies. Domestic Industrial & Commercial complete with 25-year-guarantee.

What is a CJB roofing System?

Well it is a Fibreglass laminate made from cold applied, pre-accelerated, unsaturated polyester resin solution reinforced with chopped strand mat. Then finished with a pigmented polyester top coat and cured with peroxide catalyst to give a monolithic, fully bonded Fibreglass layer of either 450gm or 600gm glass content.

In other words it is a layer of Fibreglass laid to a prepared deck to form a waterproof layer that will probably last a lifetime. The Fibreglass layer is formed directly onto a new or existing deck and bonds to the decking boards to form a fully bonded roof. The monolithic skin or laminate contains no welds or glued joints.

The entire roof surface and all the edge detail are formed in one continuous piece of Fibreglass bonded to the roof deck and any associated structures. This means there are absolutely no joints to fail.

All preformed details including outlets, edge trims, flashings etc. are made from Fibreglass so that there can be no difference in the rates of expansion.

We start with a typical roof of traditional felt over timber that has reached the end of its life. A roof that leaks and has already gone through systematic repair over the years to seal against leaks.

Once the entire roof area is prepared we apply all detail to the new roof. Fixing trims as required forming the first part of the monolithic roof. Once all the trims are in place each joint is carefully laminated with Fibreglass 450gm bandage to provide additional structural strength at all joints and roof detail.

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